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Welcome to the Colorado Restaurant Association Job Board! We created this resource to be an easy-to-access space where hospitality job seekers and employers across Colorado can find one other. There’s never been a better time to join the restaurant industry, and, as you’ll see from the listings below, there are incredible opportunities at all levels of experience. Restaurant work is fun, gratifying, and more lucrative than ever; this industry builds and nurtures the Colorado communities we all love to call home. Find your work family today, right here!

Restaurant Manager | Blue Agave Grill - Fort Collins

Compensation: Salary | $48K-$60K | Not-tipped
Availability: Full-Time | Shift: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Weekends, Flexible, Full
Experience Needed: 1 - 2 years, 2 - 3 years, 3 - 4 years, 4 - 5 years, 5+ years | Job Category: General Manager, Management

Job Description:

Assistant Managers are held accountable for the operations of the restaurant and supporting the GM at any given time. This includes all aspects of the operation: product, service, staff, policy, procedure, physical plant, sales, costs, and attention to detail. The Manager must set in place and monitor correct systems, delegate responsibilities and hold people accountable to ensure these goals are met.

-The company expects its managers to monitor the operation of the store first and foremost. Assistant Managers are expected to be in the kitchen or on the floor 90% of the shift!! Managers should personally talk to and check every table in the dining areas.
-The office should be used only for opening/closing information recording and processing, the server checks out, order processing, and employee counseling. Managers are expected to be in the kitchen or on the floor exclusively from 10:45 am to 2:00 pm and 4:30 pm to the end of the dinner rush.
-Service and speed consistency problems are at their peak during the opening, shift change, and when business slows down at the end of a night. It is the manager on duty’s responsibility to ensure that service and speed levels remain constant.
-As much work (office work, tip-share, preparations for meetings, etc.) should be done at a table in the dining room where you are aware of what is going on in the restaurant.
-Phone calls are kept to a minimum and taken at the host stand or the bar.
-Schedules did and reviewed in the dining area at slow business times.
-Meal breaks are taken in the dining area-not in the office or the bar.
-Projects should be worked on in the dining area.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL: Managers are expected to maintain the cleanliness and ambiance of the restaurant. They must recognize and monitor the key elements that are important to the guests and the reputation of the company. Managers must provide an environment for the staff and the guest that is conducive to building morale and business.

-Outside of the building is in good repair, clean, and has good lighting. Working signage, and professional advertising.
-Lobby is clean, and inviting, with good use of the special board, décor in good repair, mirrors and windows clean, walls/floors/baseboards clean, and clean menus.
-Dining Rooms – Lights, Music, clean chairs and tables, table condiments clean, chairs and tables in good repair, décor in good repair, windows/ledges clean, floors clean/maintained, no lights out, no broken tile, all ledges clean, all areas dusted, clean lamp shades, Exit lights working, walls and ceilings clean, service areas kept clean, all booth seats in good condition.
-Service Stations – Clean, maintained, pre-stocked chip warmers in good repair, organized, ice scoop in use, reach-ins clean, condiments organized, trash cans clean, walls/floors/baseboards clean, sani bucket in use, correct chip bowl storage, to go supplies stocked, side work poster.
-Restrooms- Checks done and signed, stalls clean, toilets clean, paper/soap stocked, walls/floor/ceiling/baseboards clean, sink clean, trash can clean, mirrors/counters clean, baby station clean.
-Bar and Lounge- Lights, music, TV sports only, Liquor security enforced, bar tab policy enforced, bar stools in good repair, clean, glassware clean, service bar clean/organized, brass polished, fruit cut correctly, stainless clean, mirrors clean, back bar display organized, glass washer in good repair, proper sanitizing solution in sinks.

-The product that we serve our guests is the lifeblood of the operation. Assistant Managers are expected to maintain the food and beverage standards set for quality, consistency, temperature, and presentation. The manager on duty should be aware of the product on the line at all times.

-Responsible for all incoming products to the store. All products must be checked for freshness, temperature, damage, and missed orders.
-The manager on duty is responsible to communicate all incoming product problems to their supervisor.
-Storage procedures, rotation of product, receiving, and processing procedures must be maintained at all times to ensure the integrity of the product.
-Par levels must be established and monitored on order guides for fresh product usage and to avoid shortages.
-It is mandatory that written line checks are done daily at 11:00 am, and 1,3,5 & 7.
-Managers are expected to check line products each hour and to monitor kitchen procedures and preparation standards on-going.
-Monitor the Bar staff to insure correct specifications on all beverages.
-Monitor continually the products served at the end of the line, on trays, at service bars, and on the tables themselves.
-Monitor the safety and sanitation of the kitchens.
-Maintenance of the equipment to ensure maximum production.
-Monitor and maintain correct stock levels of all service ware, utensils, guest supplies, glassware, and china.
-The manager on duty is held accountable and responsible for all products on a given shift.

-The Company expects its managers to maintain and enforce the service guidelines and procedures set by the company. The guest deserves it, and the company expects that we maintain the best service and product possible in a proficient manner.

-Management is responsible to maintain and enforce the standard company systems that ensure we meet our service goals.
-Maintain the training standards for all departments.
-Efficient and effective posted side work systems in all departments.
-Enforced side work check-out procedures.
-Efficient and effective scheduling of all staff to minimize labor cost and maximize guest service.
-Restroom check sheets.
-Host station maps system.
-Staff uniform and personal hygiene policies.
-Silverware procedures.
-Correct use of Waitlists and quote times.
-Correct company procedures on server checkouts.

-The Manager on duty must ensure that key areas of the flow of service and cleanliness standards are maintained. They must monitor all departments and make adjustments during their shift to minimize problems and improve service.
-Monitor ticket times for meal, dessert, and appetizer orders.
-Opening/Running/Closing procedures.
-Staff side work system and follow-through.
-Monitor basic service times standards.
-The efficient and friendly greeting and seating of all guests.
-Server and bus staff station maintenance.
-Bar service times for guests and server staff.
-Carry out business.
-Constantly observe server table maintenance, refills, pre-bus, and greet times.
-Listen to what employees say to guests, greet, salesmanship and professionalism.
-Train constantly.

-Responsible for maintaining sanitation, health, and safety standards of the restaurant according to the requirements of federal, state, county, and company laws and policies.
-Understands and maintains all laws and policies on liquor and beer service and sales.
-Responsible for the follow-up on quality assurance and health inspection reports. Organize and supervises all corrective actions needed and follow up on all actions taken to ensure results.
-Advises the corporation on any physical or environmental conditions that will affect the health, safety, and welfare of personnel or guests.
-Complies with the safety requirements set forth by OSHA as well as other regulatory health and safety agencies.
-Maintenance of all equipment to include cleanliness and upkeep resulting in low maintenance expense and downtime of equipment.

-Processes invoices according to accounting procedures established by the company. This includes verifying prices, quality, and quantity, authorizing the signing of invoices, and turning them over for proper payment.
-Maintenance of all employee personnel files and records per company policy.
-Promote and ensure that trainers are certified per company policy, procedure, and standards.
-Responsible for all cash management duties, recording, security, deposits, petty cash, verifying all cashier reports, and balancing recap sales sheet.
-Maintains equipment repair records.
-Completes all necessary workman’s compensation and accident reporting duties, including proper accident reports on injured personnel or guests, reporting the accident to the right channels, and taking proper precautions to prevent injuries.
-Responsible for all projects, verbal or written requests from owners.

Available Benefits: PTO and Paid Sick Time, Health/Vision/Dental Insurance, 401K Retirement Plan, Store Discount, Meals

Application Deadline: 07/14/2022

How Do You Apply? External Website

Employer Logo:

Blue Agave Grill - Fort Collins

Job Location:

201 s college ave, Ste 100
Fort Collins, Colorado 80020

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