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Child Nutrition Team Member | Poudre School District

Compensation: Hourly | $16.74 - $18.75/hour | Not-tipped
Availability: Part-Time | Shift: Morning, Afternoon, Flexible
Experience Needed: Previous institutional food service experience preferred | Job Category: Kitchen

Job Description:

Responsible for preparing and serving a full range of food for school meals under minimal direct supervision. Assist with all aspects of production and service of meals including cooking, line setup, replenishment, and operating point of sale system including cash collection. Clean all food preparation and service areas; label, date, and store leftover food. Clean kitchen equipment, surfaces, and floors. Comply with Health Department standards, all safety procedures, departmental policies and procedures and all applicable state and federal regulations. Display exceptional customer service skills.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Assist with meal preparation by cooking, pre-portioning, setting up serving lines, condiment stands, and fruit and vegetable bar. Prepare food items according to recipes and menus. Control food and kitchen waste. Maintain daily production records accurately.

2. Serve food and provide customer service and communication to students, staff, and community.

3. Clean kitchen equipment, utensils, work areas, tables, floors, and appliances. Properly maintain equipment. Empty kitchen trash and recycling containers. Sweep and mop kitchen floors.

4. Operate point of sale system including preparation and processing of accurate payments, day end reports and money deposits; verify correct amount of change in cash box daily.

5. Properly receive, check-in and store food and equipment from warehouse and vendors. Maintain, date, and label food for storage. Perform inventories as scheduled and assist manager
with food and supply orders.

6. Maintain compliance with Health Department standards, including high standards of sanitation and safety. Adhere to state, federal and department guidelines, safety procedures, departmental policies, and regulations.

7. Attend work and arrive in a timely manner according to established schedules.

8. Attend all required departmental trainings.

9. Perform other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:

• High school diploma or GED
• Previous institutional food service experience preferred
• Equivalent combination of education and experience acceptable

• Criminal background check required for hire
• ServSafe certification

• English language skills
• Ability to count money and make change
• Basic reading, writing, and math skills
• Ability to communicate positively with customers, staff, parents, supervisors, and community members
• Ability to work as a team
• Ability to follow oral and written instructions
• Interpersonal relations skills
• Customer service skills
• Ability to manage multiple tasks with frequent interruptions
• Knowledge and skills in food preparation, service, and efficiency
• Ability to work various shift times, including early mornings
• Ability to maintain honesty and integrity in all aspects of the job
• Ability and willingness to adhere to attendance requirements, including regular and punctual employee presence
• Ability to promote and follow Board of Education policies, Superintendent policies and building and department procedures
• Ability to communicate, interact and work effectively and cooperatively with people from diverse ethnic and
educational backgrounds
• Ability to recognize the importance of safety in the workplace, follow safety rules, practice safe work habits, utilize appropriate
safety equipment and report unsafe conditions to the appropriate administrator

Available Benefits: PTO and Paid Sick Time, Short-Term Disability Insurance, Long-Term Disability Insurance

How Do You Apply? External Website

Poudre School District

Job Location:

All school locations
Fort Collins, Colorado 80521